Monday, June 5, 2017

ARUBA - May 29, 2017

Hiiiii!!! SUCH  a CRAZY but WONDERFUL week!

So. Okay. First of all!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY SIOBHAN! I love you my favorite name twin!!

We have two area assignments right now which is sooo challenging but so fun! And the most fun part is that we are giving our old area of four members (santa cruz) back to the Elders and dividing the North area (which has 205 members) in half into Oranjestad west and east! We are also moving apartments so we can be in the Oranjestad west area! Soooooo crazy here people! This mission NEVER stops. Ever.

Also the bond in Trinidad that will let everyone stay there, who has a visa, almost didnt go through! They ALL would have had to go to the Barbados mission! But it went through! Such a miracle! And some missionaries from the islands got their visas! Soooo crazy. That was NOT supposed to happen.

Okay so our investigators: We have been teaching this Surinamese lady named Marlene and she is soooo incredible. She has such strong faith and she loves God so much. She is soooo awesome and pretty much bore her testimony even though we have only taught her like 3 times. She is so cute and I love her!!! She went to church yesterday and loved it! Everyone is convinced that she is going to get baptized and we are inviting her to be baptized tonight so we are pretty excited!

We have also been teaching Daryl! He is the most spiritual and most prepared little nugget that I have ever heard of! He is so incredible! He also went to church last week and he said it as breathtaking and very emotional. I love this kid. We are inviting him to be baptized later this week!
We have also been teaching this 16 year old columbian named Nahomi! Her family is from some super duper weird "non religion" religion called kabola? No idea how to spell that but it is super weird. She has literally never been to church and knows nothing about the bible! She is so awesome though! She is always really receptive and she always comes to our lessons super prepared. She sometimes brings a list of questions about the chapters and everything! And at the end of every lesson she always asks "wait sooo when can you come back?" it is so cute and we love her! We are inviting her to get baptized this week as well! And also her mom was Mormon for a couple of years in her late teens and said she would go to church with her daughter! So crazy!

A pretty cool experience I had this week was during a lesson with this less active member named Florentine. It was a lesson in Papiamento and I wasnt trying as hard as I should have to translate it so I really didnt know what was going on but I knew we were talking about the atonement. It was my turn to talk and I didnt know what to say, so then I remembered "when in doubt, testify!" I started testifying and then my testimony started taking a weird turn to how the atonement applies to each of us. That isnt something that I usually put in my testimonies so I was kind of confused but I found out later that day that right before I started testifying she had said that she didnt understand how the atonement applied to her! I didnt even know at the time but my testimony was completely guided by the spirit! I thought that was really cool and I was so grateful for that!

Any way that is all I can remember from this week but I love and miss each and every one of you! Have a fantastic week and read the BOM!

-Hermana Woodbury

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