Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 15 - Aruba

Got to skype with my sweet "little" family yesterday and it was so fun! They are so precious and you are all SO lucky to have them nearby!! Happy Happy birthday to my sweet Sister Brittney!!! I love you sooo much!!!!

Okay so this week was pretty darn good, like usual :) We are officially back working in our area because the other sisters just got here last night to work in the other area!! We have 2 investigators! Aghhhh!! Haha these next few weeks we are literally just going to be contacting, contacting, contacting, and contacting! It is going to be fun and i am definitely going to get skin cancer if i don't have it already... WOOH!! Hahaha but anyway, our two investigators are doing pretty well! Darryl is doing AWESOME. that kids, guys. He is sooooooooooooooo awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I dont have a picture of him yet but but just picture a super tall dutch kid who sounds really american and prefers English. He is progressing really well and he just knows this is true. Every time we teach him something new he just accepts it right away. To our other investigators we usually ask them to pray to see if what we have taught them is true but he already knows it is! He prayed after our very first lesson with him and he has known since then so nothing new (to him) throws him off at all. It is awesome and he is amazing. We are hoping, praying, and fasting that he can be baptized on the 8th of July but his dad is being tough.... He is super..uhhhh... scary. He needs to give Darryl permission so that he can be baptized but he doesn't want him to.. We have been praying SO hard and fasting a lot and we are really hoping for a miracle here. We will be fasting with Darryl from breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and that evening he is going to ask his dad for permission again. He has to be really careful how many times he can ask just because of the way his dad works so we are making this time extra special. I am not supposed to ask people back at home to join in special fasts buuuut... Uhhhh.. So yeah! ;)

And then we have our sweet little Surinamese mom, Marline! she is soooo cute. She has been really sick with the flu or something bad so we haven't been able to see her much but she is still doing pretty good! Our last lesson with her was really good! We have been really pushing on what she can do to receive her answer if these things are true and then after she said she hadn't really been doing her part! During the lesson she said "i promise the Lord that i am going to read at least one verse out of the Book of Mormon every single day" just out of the blue! That was awesome. She is really sweet and she said she already knows that these things are true but we know she hasn't really received an actual answer about the BOM yet. Well received or recognized, either way! We are going to check up on her tonight and i am hoping she is still doing well! We haven't seen her since Wednesday when she was feeling a little bit better but then she didn't come to church so we don't know what happened there.. But other than that my week was pretty low key!

Just a couple of things before i end... 2 MONTHS LEFT ON THE BOM CHALLENGE! I really really really hope you are participating in this challenge, member of the church or not. I PROMISE that this book can and will change your life and i can also promise you that it is the most true book on the face of the earth. If you haven't started the challenge yet, there is still time! I never really studied the BOM back home and i had no idea what i was missing. It is sooooo important to study, ponder, and pray about that book people! So important! The entire church rests on whether or not that book is true, and I know it is! Also, please try your very best to have missionary experiences this week! I want to hear about any experience you have that is even remotely missionary-esque!

So there are some really crazy political parties here, MEP and AVP are the two biggest. Everyone here is very open about who they prefer. They paint their houses to match the colors of their political party and they have huge flags attatched to their cars and houses! Just thought that was interesting haha!

I love you and miss you all and i hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!
-Sister Woodbury

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