Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 14 - Aruba

Bon Dia Rumanan!! (Good day Brothers and Sisters!)  Con Biiiii??? Mi vida ta HOPI bon!! (How are you?? My life is very good!)
Hahaha!  Oh man life is good here in Aruba. Transfer calls came and everyone was totally shuffled buuuut Sister Petersen and I are staying the same and will be serving in Santa Cruz until they can find a new apartment in the newly split area! But First off, Happy Fathers day to the best dad EVER, SORRY to everyone else buuuut its the truth. He is the best. But you probably already know that if you know him.

But wow how awesome was this weeeeek??? Seriously, so incredible. Guys... Darryl. OMG. You would not BELIEVE how incredible and prepared he is for the gospel!!!! He is preparing to be baptized on July 8th! And his mom brings it up a lot too which is awesome. It is really sad because his mom wants to be able to go to church and the activities and stuff but her husband wont let her :(   But darryl is doing soooo great! He is so solid. We taught him a lesson about the atonement of Jesus Christ and it was a really great and really spiritual lesson, like always with that nugget. It was really cool because when we got there his mom said "hi" and then told us that she couldn't sit in on the lesson this time because her day had been crazy and she had too much on her mind but when we started teaching she came out with her BOM (or HBvM in Dutch haha) and she came to the whole lesson! She loves this gospel. Those two are sooo cool as a family. As we were leaving the lesson Darryl said to us, "I thought you said you guys weren't good teachers, that was AMAZING!"  Hahaha that was soooo sweet and just proves how well he allows the Spirit to teach him! He keeps coming to church and he attended a baptismal service on Saturday and loved it and got him super excited. He also keeps coming to church even though he cant really understand all of it (he prefers English)!   He also bought a nice new pair of church shoes :') We love Darryl!

Marline is doing super well too! She knows that this church is true and she really really wants her family to start coming to church with her and come to our lessons. She said she wanted to wait to be baptized with her whole family but we talked about how she could be the example for her family and she was right on board with that! We haven't extended a date to her yet though! But she is doing AWESOME as well.

Nahomi kinda did a 180 and totally changed in our last lesson with her. It was a really bad lesson because her heart was just totally hardened but hopefully she will accept this message sometime later in her life :) Because we have been working in two areas we haven't had any time to contact or anything so that is all I have for you about what is going on over here this week!
Well, I hope you are all reading the BOM (Book of Mormon)! You have 2 months and one week left!!  You've got this! I can promise you that reading that book can totally change your life and I have witnessed that for myself! If any of you don't have a BOM and want one ask my dad and he'll get you one! I also hope you are all trying your best to have missionary experiences! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Woodbury 
(sorry about how scattered this email is... Struggling today hahaha)

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