Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 16 - Aruba


Wow. Crazy week. Like always.... Okay soooo where do i even begin??? First an update on our investigators:
Okay soooo about Darryl... Apparently he got permission from his dad on Sunday but he also got quite a talking to...and now he's having second thoughts... doesn't know whether he should be baptized. We have done everything we can think of and he is really doing his part so I am leaving it up to Heavenly Father. He has seriously been breaking our hearts!! We are really hoping for the best and we are already planning for his lesson on Friday so that should be a really good lesson! Pray for him please!! He really is super awesome but he is having a really hard time. He is going to church, praying a ton, fasting, and reading out of the BOM and so are we so we are just leaving it up to the Lord now!
Marlyn is doing AWESOME (picture on the blog). She was really sick for a while so we couldn't see her for a long time!!! We were kind of nervous about that but when we had our lesson with her early this week we decided to take a member with us that we have taken before named Sister Aalsae. We usually have a pretty hard time actually teaching when we bring her because she talks A LOT, buuuut we wanted to bring her because they are super great friends. As soon as we said the opening prayer sister Aalsae just kind of started going off on a super long story and right when i was about to try to say something I Looked over at Marlyn and she was just bawling. At that point I kinda just sat back and let sister Aalsae continue and follow the promptings of the spirit! As soon as sister Aalsae was finished, Marlyn said "I don't know why, but I feel to baptize" in her sweet little broken English. She is SO cute and WE DIED. she has been waiting for an answer about whether or not she should be baptized and then boom. the spirit told her she should. That experience was incredible and it really showeld me how important member lessons are even though they are often a major struggle! She keeps saying she still hasn't changed her mind and she knows she needs to be baptized now! Also, later in the week, we taught her the first part of the Plan of Happiness and we went in knowing that she had concerns about Adam. We really prepared for that part of the lesson more than we usually do and after we explained it you could practically see her brain working. She was able to understand and she kept saying that we taught her something new and now she has a different perspective! That was so cool. We asked her a lot of questions during the lesson in a way that she was kind of able to teach herself through the spirit so that was an awesome experience! She is doing AWESOME though! We loveeee her! Her baptismal date is July 22nd!
Next we have this sweet little Venezuelan named Eaucary that we have been teaching for the past month whose baptism is this Saturday! I haven't mentioned anything about her yet because I thought that we weren't going to get to teach her! We taught he while were working in the other area and when we moved back to our area i thought that we weren't going to get to teach her but We found out that we could! We were soooo happy! She is a little bit shy but she is awesome and she has taken the lessons twice before so she already knew everything. She is doing awesome and we are super excited for her!
Up next is the BOM challenge! You have 1 month and 3 weeks left!!!! Keep reading! I promise that it will bless your life and help you have a better relationship with our Heavenly Father! I PROMISE! :)
Okay so today was awesome and crazy! Sister Petersen and I biked from lighthouse to lighthouse which are located on both ends of the island! It was soooo fun and it rained a lot which was weird because it never rains here. We got SOAKED and i got sooooooooo dirty. Then we ate at a really nice restaurant at the end of our journey and we were exhausted. It was soooo fun though! Seriously so fun!   The storm that passed through was not bad at all. It hardly rained and nothing was flooded or anything! It has been wayyyy more windy than usual though so that has been really hard with the bikes and the lovely hills in Santa Cruz, but all is well! :) 

That is about it this week! It was a crazyyyy week but it was super duper fun and life is soooo gooooood! I love you all and miss you all so much and i hope you have a fantabulous week!

Sister Woodbury

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