Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 70 - Aruba


Sooooo sorry about my email last week! I just totally ran out of time! Hopefully I can write a better one this week..... We had a really good week! 
So we have this investigator named Angelica and she is AMAZING. I truly don't know if I have EVER taught ANYONE so prepared in my mission. She understands everything perfectly the first time you explain it and immediately applies it to her life. So amazing. She came to church last sunday! AND she is already reactivating a less active member. SUCH A COOL TIME OVER HERE. 
The branch here is really really struggling and I just want to ask all of you to pray for everyone here! It is really shrinking and just needs some love and prayers! Many are going less active for so many different reasons and everyone else who is staying active is really really struggling as well. Work, health, etc. Please pray for them!

My testimony was really strengthened this week about our Savior Jesus Christ. We went contacting and met this lady named Baby. Baby is an atheist and is honestly kind of an anti Christ. The contact started out normal and we even thought she was softening up to let us come by! We almost had a Lesson 1 (when we just figure out their background) right then and there. Towards the middle of the contact she really just started to harden her heart but we kept trying. Near the end though she was being SO disrespectful to Christ to the point where Sister Hardy had to say very kindly but firmly "do not talk about Him like that". It was so powerful. Well we ended up leaving that contact just feeling so bad for her and feeling terrible inside. We were sharing thoughts about that experience and decided that we felt exactly like Alma and Amulek! I really just gained such a stronger respect and appreciation for them. So amazing. It was hard but we felt like we were living through a BOM story. We then no more that 10 seconds later started talking to a lady who was just SO strong in her beliefs of the Savior. She shared spiritual experiences about Him with us and just really strengthened us. My testimony really just grew so much about two things. One, that Jesus Christ really is our Savior and Redeemer, and two, that God knows us and loves us. He knows what we need and He hears our prayers. I love Them!

I love being a missionary! I got my flight itinerary today (September 20th) and my jaw completely dropped. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT YET! I cannot believe it!  Sooooo sad! I wanna be a missionary forever. hahahaha.  That said though, i love and miss you all sooo much!  I am keeping up with the BOM challenge! How are all of you doing?  I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all so much and i am so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary and defend my Savior and Redeemer!
-Sister Woodbury

Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 69 - Aruba

WOW! What a great week!

Time FLEW by this week! all is sooo well here!  I really dont have too much to say because i just forgot everything right as we were biking here but i will do my best!
First of alllll.... Sister Hardy (new companion) is so awesome! I love being with her! We have had a great week full of lots of laughs! This week we had a baptism with a man named Robert and he is really cool! Very converted to the gospel! He is special and everyone can f Sel that he is going to do great things for the branch! 
We had some pretty crazy experiences! We were biking to the baptism and everything was fine and good, when a dog started coming at us!!! I nailed him right in the face with our dog repellent spray BUT HE KEPT COMING AT US!  So rude. Well, sister hardy was trying to spray him too and she was looking behind her but still pedaling... welllll she crashed right into me, fell down in the middle of the street, and ripped a huge hole in one of my really old dresses!  It was SOOOO FUNNY!  We were both dying!  God totally protected us because neither of us are injured at all!!!!

I hope you are all keeping up with your BoM challenge! It is already changing my life, let it change yours!  I love you all so much and I am already out of time! so sorry this is so short! Big hugs!
-Sister Woodbury


Monday, June 25, 2018

Week 68 - Bonaire

Wow...we had a great week over here! Felt like the end of a movie where everything just works out. It was so awesome. We got transfer calls and I am headed to Aruba for the 3rd time!!!! I will be companions with sister Hardy! Craziness!

We went to zone conference (our last one with the Egberts) in Curacao last week! We flew there in a TEENY TINY 8 passenger plane. I have literally been in buses bigger than that thing. It was soooo fun and i got to see sister Cole and sister Davidson! I love them both! It was awesome!

Saturday we had a baptism! That day was NUTS. Buuut i will go into that later! 

Bonaire is doing so awesome!! Mainly I just wanted to let you know about how wonderful the Relief Society is doing here! My heart was sooo warm after this last Sunday. Sister Burrup and I taught relief society two weeks in a row, and this last week the President herself taught it. It was such a success!! We talked about ministering and during the lesson she even said "wow, these classes are a lot more interesting than what we used to do". Hearing that just filled my heart. Before, they would just read through something random in a random Liahona and now they are having excellent classes with lots of participation. It is now very spiritually uplifting! Also, Sister Burrup and I had a baptism on Saturday and it went very well. Luis is so converted! Bonaire is really starting to thrive. 

Wow has my testimony grown this week! We have seen so many miracles this week, mostly on Saturday. So our investigator Luis was supposed to get to the church at 3:30 because the baptismal service started at 4 and he knew to be there early. Well, at 3:15 we received a call from a random phone number (because he doesn't have a phone) and it was Luis! He was borrowing someones phone to ask us for help! He was stuck at work about 15 minutes away by car! He was SO stressed out and just begging us for ideas. Well, the person who owned that phone needed to leave and we lost communication with him. We hopped right down onto our knees and begged for help. We didn't know what else to do so we just went over to where he lives about 15-20 minutes after we had talked with him thinking that there was no way he would be home, BUT HE WAS! It was a miracle. Later on he told us that some dutch lady saw him completely stressed out and frazzled and offered to take him home. He just dropped everything and left work without permission from his boss or anything. He said he just yelled "BYE BYE" to his boss and his boss was so confused as to what was happening. Well, he got home, got ready and everything, and then a member picked him up. He ran back to his work with the member to explain what had happened and the member had actually known his boss and was totally calm and okay with it! He even congratulated Luis even though he isn't really very religious himself. Then he made it to the chapel right at 4. It was amazing. He said he was praying the whole time and just wanted to cry because it was so stressful. He kept saying over and over again that he wouldn't have missed that baptism for anything in the world. It was a beautiful and flawless experience! God truly answers our prayers! And Luis is SO converted!!!

That is all i can really think of, but life it good and I am happy! Have a great week and don't forget to read your BOM!

-Sister Woodbury


Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 67 - Bonaire

Great week over here in Bonaire! Buuuut before i begin I totally forgot to wish my dad and all of my brothers and everyone else a happy fathers day last week, but it is never too late to party right?? Much love and hugs sending your way!!! As well, Happiest of Birthday's to my lovely sister Brittney! I love you and Hope it's a great one!

This week was wonderful! We will officially be having a baptism on Saturday with our AMAZING investigator Luis Fernando!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! This man is already sooo converted. He is so cool. Everything he says is just soooo quotable you have no idea. Like for example, just last night he after lesson that didnt talk about prophets or anything, he closed our lesson with the prayer and prayed for the missionary out right now from Bonaire, Aury, and for the prophet. He is SO cool. He reads the BoM every day and is just a little spiritual powerhouse. He also gives us food. A LOT. every day. His baptism will be on the 23rd at 4 pm if you wanted to know what i was doing that day that time! :)

We had a wonderful Sunday yesterday as well! The Egberts (Mission President) were there! We did (the sister missionaries) a special musical number and it was a little mix of the songs I love to see the temple and Families Can Be Together Forever and it was soooo spiritually powerful holy cow!!! When we got up the room just went completely silent and everyone was sooo fixated. The spirit was like hitting you in the face and enveloping the entire room! It was awesome. SO peaceful and beautiful. We had interviews with president that day as well! That is always too fun. We love the Egberts and when they leave it will be like a little piece of my heart is leaving with them, but as well i am very excited to meet the Bairds! (new mission president) They sound awesome! We got to go teaching with the Egberts and had some great experiences!

Well, as you can see I have attached the BoM challenge! PLEASE DO IT WITH ME!!! Satan was trying so hard to make this not work out and i had to redo it several times so for that reason i know that the blessings are going to be SOOO great when you are doing this challenge! This book is life time, please read it with me! Set aside all of the wordly things that are going on and just take time to read the words that God's prophets have written for you. I love and miss you all so much! I hope you have a great week!!

-Sister Woodbury

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 66 - Bonaire

Hello Everyone!!!
Bonaire is hopi bon! We are working really really hard with our investigator Luis and he is just progressing so much. He has been to church twice and loves it and we are working to getting him baptized very soon! We are going through old investigators and contacting whoever we feel prompted by the spirit to see, so we are starting to see lots of success from that! We also taught in Relief Society yesterday and that was a big success! Things are really moving along here in Bonaire! 

Sister Burrup is doing awesome! We actually just had an idea recently to teach the restoration and other lessons using the gospel art book and it is seriously helping our teaching so much! Our investigators, less actives and recent converts are paying very close attention and the spirit is stronger and everything is better! They are also understanding better. We are seeing so much success with that. Other than that though Sister Burrup is doing really well and is constantly teaching me how to be better! I really look up to her.

This week we taught the temple prep class at church and we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and it was soooo funny because I asked the class, as an example,  “would I be able to feel the spirit if i were drunk?”... and Sonia, one of the members (recent convert actually) said "yeah........the spirit of satan".  We all died laughing. We love her! 

We were able to do a lot of service this week! We have been able to do that a lotttt recently and it was so awesome! It has been wonderful and i just love getting to help! 
OH Also, We have all been thinking that I would end my mission here in Bonaire, but we were working out transferschedules, and due to the immigration status of other sisters, I will most likely be ending my mission in Aruba!!!  You never know, but that is just what seems to be the only option! crazyyy!!! 

Luis came to church and he LOVES it. There is a mentally handicapped man that goes named Andres and everyone kind of ignores him at church but Luis said he wants to go every sunday so that he can help him and also just because he likes church! We asked Luis if i believed if these things were true and he said "my heart says it is”. You would have to be crazy to not believe its true!" He is so awesomeeeeee!!!! So true though. 
We have had soooo many spiritual experiences with Luis this week. We had a really good and powerful lesson with him when we taught him about someone who he has been curious about in the BoM - Abinidi. We were able to put together a lesson where we just read about him and Luis just loved it so much. He testified that he knew these things are true. We compared him to Abinidi because of the changes he is making and the strength he has to say no to bad things from close friends and family. So amazing to see people change like this! I love this gospel sooo much and i know it is true!

I will be sending all of you a 90 day Book of Mormon challenge calendar next week and I just really really REALLY want to invite all of you to read with me!! I know it will strengthen and help you in your lives!

I love and miss you all and i hope you are having a great day and that you have a wonderful week!! BIIIG HUGS!

-Sister Woodbury

Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 65 - Bonaire

Hello Everyone!!!!

SOooooo last week i totally forgot to include something sooo awesome that happened! We contacted this man named Segundo one night and he seemed pretty cool and pretty open to the message. We had actually contacted someone at that same house already named Keiler, and so Segundo told us that he would just come to the appointment that we had with Keiler! Well, we went to the appointment and he was actually there! Keiler was busy at the beginning so we ended up just talking to Segundo for a while and we were just asking him about this beliefs and stuff, and he started the lesson by saying that he wanted to keep his religion a secret... RED FLAG. I whispered to sister Burrup in English that that either means he is a less active member or part of some cult. Well, we continued on with the lesson and everything he was saying just like such sound church doctrine. I kept asking sister Burrup if she thought he was a less active member!! It got to the point that we finally just asked him if he had been baptized in our church......and he said YES! We found out that he is from Peru and that he has lived here for 8 years, meaning that he has not been active for at least that amount of time. We also found out that he served a mission in Colombia and is even sealed to his wife in the temple AND that he has a son born in the covenant who is 16. Our jaws DROPPED! Such a cool experience. The Lord totally guided us there because we literally had no reason to have that kind of conversation the day we met him. 

Anywayyyy this week was great! LUIS CAME TO CHURCH!!! Such a wonderful day! Fasting works people! As well we had dinner with Sister Scott (former senior missionary couple from last year) and it was just soooo fun to see her and be with her! I love her soooo much! She also came out teaching with us which was soooo fun! We went and visited a young man, Aury, who is about to leave on his mission...TOMORROW, and it was so awesome (see picture)! Aury's mom is Pilar and that lady is something. Her memory is like a steal trap and she is just so funny. She is married to a man named Pedro who is a returning member (see picture)! Last time i was here he was TOTALLY less active and now he is just so firm! His dad is Andres who you have all seen some pictures of. Andres kept falling asleep during our lesson this last week and we were just trying sooooo hard not to laugh but we failed. We died hahaha!

This week we also taught a newly found less active named Vinicio and he has soooo much potential to come back! He kept telling us that there is NO valid excuse for not going to church! It was so awesome to hear him say that! He really does want to come back. 

We hiked a little hill, I'm sorry - i mean the highest point of Bonaire today as a district activity as well! So fun! it was SOOOO WINDY AT THE TOP HOLY COW!!! 

Wellll that is all I have from this last week! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I love and miss you all!

-Sister Woodbury


Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 64 - Bonaire

This week was really good and we had lots of great experiences. One of the highlights for sure was during a lesson with Nurys. We went, planning on teaching the Atonement, when she started talking about her need to change. She see's her own faults and she feels that her biggest problem is that she just doesn't have enough love for others. She told us she used to be a very different and very angry person who would always act up. She said she had gotten into lots of fights. Her ex husband doesn't even trust her enough to go into her home when he comes by to pick up his daughter! She was explaining to us that she has changed so much because of the gospel, but that she still has more changing to do. She was expressing to us about how she has just been praying and praying to be filled with the love that God has for others so that she won't act up and won't get mad at others. We felt impressed to share Moroni 7:47-48 and wow. She just immediately started to bawl and was just so overcome by the spirit. She told us that she didn't know that that was in there and that she had never read it before. It was an amazing and very spiritually powerful experience. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It is seriously such a powerful tool! We just need to be converted to it and worthy of the spirit in order to help these people find the answers to their souls and find that comfort that they have been looking for all their lives!

I love you and miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Woodbury