Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week 54 - Curacao


We had a very good week with lots of fun experiences! Hopefully i can write about most of them! But firstttt...Happy Birthday Carson!!!!! and Happy Belated Anniversary Brooks and Felicia!!!!!!! So sorry i forgot to include that last week, but i was thinking of you!!

WELL. This week was a good one! 
-Rayon (pictured) and Jayden, Kim's kids, were FINALLY on date this week!!!! We have been working with them for a while and in the beginning their mom wouldn't let us put them on date because she kept saying they weren't ready and it was too soon. Now their mom is okay with it, but they are saying that it is too soon!! AGHH! They are only 10 and 8! The little eight year old says he is ready but Rayon is saying he isn't. They were on date for one day until we got a call saying maybe sometime in April! They are good kids, they have just been la little tricky recently. 
-Kim is PREGNANT!!!!!!!! SOOOO PREGNANT! That baby is about to fall out of her. She should be having him in the last week of this month or early April. We are so excited! We had a beautiful lesson with her and with the Parrs this week. We talked about families and the gospel and the spirit was just really strong. I felt once again in my heart that this gospel really truly does bless families!! SERIOUSLY!
-Selo. I don't know if i have written about him but he has been studying off and on with the missionaries for a few years now. He is from Ghana and has not been an easily accepting kind of person. We have been thinking about dropping him, but with the flip of a switch he has just completely changed. 3-4 weeks ago.  We taught the restoration and we were teaching about the priesthood (which is the power and authority of God that He gives to His prophets to guide His church on the earth). He. would. not. accept. it. He felt that the church made up the word even after we read about it in Exodus. Then we taught it to him again this last week, and he completely accepted it. No questions asked. Then in his prayer he thanked the Lord for the revelation he received about the priesthood. Night and Day. IT WAS SO COOL! He is sooo cool!
-We went to teach Jordan this week and I don't know how much I have written about him but he is doing awesome!!! 22 year old from Curacao. We showed up to our lesson this last time and he had gone on mormon.org and written down everything that he learned an liked on a word document. He presented it to us and had us read what he wrote and everything! It was so awesome!! It seriously felt like a little FHE.  Romelio was there too and HE was the one asking US what WE thought of certain things! It was sooo funny!
-We taught Etson again this week and we were 15 minutes late to the appointment, which is usually on time for the people here! He told us we were late! He had been waiting for us! He is so awesome. We taught him the first part of the restoration and he understood everything PERFECTLY! Like wow. It was so cool to see the spirit work through him like it did. We weren't expecting him to get everything because he seems a little bit slow but we left very surprised. He is so cool! He will be having surgery on his eyes this week so that he can get his vision back so please keep him in your prayers!
-We were working in our contact area when we were suddenly surrounded by 3 really nice dogs and they followed us for like 30 minutes! Because they were there, someone came out and talked to us about them! Then he realized that we were missionaries and we were able to contact him. He ended being a very prepared man going through a lot. He lives in the elder's area but we are hoping that he will start taking the lessons with them.  Right after we contacted him, most of the dogs left! It was just really amazing because God was able to work through our little four legged friends to guide us to someone who really needed Him. He loves his children so much!!! I know that to be true with all my heart! 

Well, I hope you all have a good week of going out with the missionaries and fellowshipping less actives, recent converts and investigators! Read your Scriptures and pray to Heavenly Father!!

-Sister Woodbury

          Kim's son Rayon

                                           Sister Pareja gives....
                                           ....great haircuts!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 53 - Curacao

Well, this week was pretty darn uneventful as well! Curacao is doing really well! IT HAS BEEN SOOOO WINDY!!!! Somebody needs to tell me how strong the wind is so that i am not crazy. It has to be super crazy MPH because holy cow. We have been contacting quite a bit, but unfortunately no one is ever home! We have been able to find some people who are being prepared though so our efforts aren't wasted. We have been working with this one less active named Angel and it has been so awesome to see the changes he is beginning to make. He is really changing and regaining a love for the gospel and just getting to watch that is such a wonderful experience. He is doing really well.
Sister Garcia is doing awesome and she is just a really great missionary. She really follows the spirit to know what to say and she is just a very good example to me. I cannot believe she already has 9 months in her mission! I remember when she came in. She has just grown so much and has really formed into a very diligent missionary.
This week we taught a man named Etson. He is a very special man who has semi recently lost his vision because of a health problem that he has. We were just teaching him a very basic lesson about God when we asked him if he believed if God really sent His son especially for him, and he told us "Yes i believe He sent His son for me."We then asked him how he felt when he said that and he just said very enthusiastically "I feel really good, content, happy!!" It was so simple but so sweet and my testimony really just grew in that moment. I love being a missionary so much. I know that is a very simple experience but that really was something that just touched my heart. This work is amazing.I am happyyy!! 

I just want to invite you all to be missionaries where you are and figure out what the ward mission plan is wherever you are! If there isn't one, MAKE ONE! This is the Lord's work and the only true church. His church!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I wish you all a very merry saint patricks day! :)
-Ruman/Hermana/Zuzter/Sister Woodbury

PS, Dad- to answer your question, Curacao is definitely the place to go as a tourist. There is wayyy more to do here than in aruba or bonaire...but make sure you come with money! That is what you HAVE to have to do anything. Its not too bad but i feel like there jsut isnt too much to do on any of the islands. curacoa would be best though. prettiest as well :) bonaire has the prettiest ocean though. 

Finally...a new toaster!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 52 - Curacao


Wow!! This week i hit 1 YEAR in my mission and i cannot believe it! Time just FLIES!! This week was good! I forgot my planner at home which has all of my notes of what happened this week so i dont really remember....buuuuut i know it was a good week!  We, mostly me, have been soooo tired. I have hardly been able to function!!

Curacao is doing so awesome! I love it here. We have been SO busy and have been working very hard. We have some people who are very close to committing to be baptized. We have been working hard and we have been trying to work a lot with the members.  We had 7 member presents (investigator teaching appts. with members present) this week! Curacao is doing great and we are working hard.
This week we had a lot of amazing spiritual experiences. We had a really special experience as we were teaching Ana, Carlos' (the young man who committed suicide) grandma. We had invited sister Yvonne to come with us but she told us she couldn't make it. As we were teaching her, Romelio called her and asked her if he could stop by right then, and then no more than 5 minutes later sister Yvonne walked right in too. It was such a special experience. I truly feel like Ana felt loved and supported, which is exactly what she needs during this difficult time. She closed that lesson with a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for her friends in the church. So precious!  The best part for me was that the next day Yvonne and Romelio got up and bore their testimonies about the experience. It was all just so tender and sweet. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know how to succor Their spirit children.
Other than that i cant really think of anything else... i am still pretty new in this area so i don't know too much that is happening here yet but hopefully soon i will have more interesting emails for all of you! Just know that we are working hard and doing everything we can to bring others unto Christ. You can all do that too!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all!
-Sister Woodbury
                                          Homemade Soup
                                          Tan lines are getting ridiculous!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 51 - Curacao (Again)

Hello everyone!!

Not too much happened again this week buuuut I am in Curacao again and i am LOVING it!! I forgot how much i love it here. They are also having a late rainy season so we, well i, have been enjoying the rain! We are constantly soaking wet. It is awesome. I love biking through the flooded areas too! Biking in mid-calf high...whatever, is a party. I have officially met all of the missionaries here and we have such an awesome district! The elders are awesome and we are with the Parrs (senior missionary couple)! This might be my favorite district in my whole mission :)

As far as people we are teaching.....
Rayon and Jayden! Kim's kids! They are little stinkers! We are trying to get them ready for baptism but they are cute lil stinks. 11 and 8. Kim is doing awesome too! Very pregnant and very sick but awesome!
Also we have been visiting with the grandma of the less-active member we were teaching here who committed suicide and she is doing okay. She is an awesome and super strong member. We are about to start teaching her the lessons to get her prepared for the temple! She really wants to go soon, and she could :)  She is so cute. Pray for Ana and her family! The rest of them aren't members......yet ;)
That is about it this week! I am with sweet little Sister Garcia again who I love dearly! We are looking forward to a very good transfer :)  I love and miss you all lots! Have a great week! Also a big congratulations to my sweet little niece who got baptized last Saturday! I love you Evy!!!

Until next week!
Hermana Woodbury

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Week 50 - Aruba

Not too much happened this week so this will just be a little email buuuuut...I got my transfer call! I am headed to Curacao! I will be companions with Sister Garcia! I am very excited but i will definitely miss my little family here in Aruba. <3
This week we taught THREE indians!  One of them is a student and the other two are teachers at the same school!  It was so weird teaching in English... haha!  They were all really nice. The two teachers are strongly aligned with Hinduism so we will see about them, but the other one has been researching the Church for like 8 months and finally met with missionaries. He is pretty cool! 
This week we also contacted a lady name Calri and she came to church the next day! She lives right next to us! When she got to church, and after a series of questions we found out that she was actually a less active member from Colombia!  She is ready to reactivate!  That was so cool!  She is really sweet.
We were talking to the American family who lives here, the Moores, this week. Wow I love this family to pieces. Right now they are passing through a very difficult time, but Sister Moore said something that really struck me. She said "Even right now I dont know what He (the Lord) is doing but i know He is doing something."  She has so much faith and she is just such a great example to me. I LOVE SISTER MOORE and THE MOORE FAMILY!!! 
Well, to be honest that is all I've got for you this week!  I love and miss you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

-Sister Woodbury
                                                                 Rain Soaked!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 49 - Aruba

Bon Tardi, Buenas Tardes, Good afternoon!!!!!

It was a very nice week over here in Aruba! We have SEVEN new investigators!!!! Craziness!!!!! We have been working hard to build back up our teaching pool! The 3 we had to give to the elders are still doing really well and progressing lots!  We were SOOO happy to hear about that! Huge relief!

So many awesome things happened this week!!!!  Marlien, my cute little Surinamese recent convert? She is now the secretary in the Relief Society!  She is going to do so great. Also, Winston, her husband, had a baptismal date for this week, but he has been hard for the elders to schedule with this week, so the elders changed his date to March. Still doing well though!  I am so happy for that cute family!  Up next are her daughters....but that is going to take lots of prayers and lots of time.. One day!
We had Zone Conference, with President Egbert this week and it was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! I learned so much. Zone conferences just keep getting better and better. Seriously. We learned many wonderful things and we are now working on applying those things to our teachings! President Egbert is so inspired. We are going to miss him soooo much when he goes home
Juandavid got baptized by his father David!!!!!!! That was a very spiritual experience for all who was there....  Bbuuuuut that DAY was NUTS. Our Branch Mission Leader accidentally left the water on while filling the baptismal font..and forgot to turn it off and left the building. It had been filling the font AND BUILDING for TWO HOURS! The WHOLE branch came to clean up the flooded church!  It was crazy. That was honestly the most united I have ever seen the members though..they were all there cleaning the church and getting rid of the water. Everything was dry and ready to go in just over an hour - two hours after discovering the flood! It was so crazy!  Everything was dry for the baptism, and WOW was that baptism amazing!  I would never be able explain how his baptism and confirmation was..  All I can say is that it was a very special experience. Everyone who can be baptized in that family is! They are so happy. David said he was feeling weird the day of Juandavid's baptism but he did it anyway and totally nailed it! It was just so amazing. On Sunday Juandavid was confirmed in sacrament meeting, and afterward he walked up and bore his testimony. The whole time we have been teaching him he always just acted like a normal 11 year old, which is fine. BUT when he bore his testimony right after receiving the spirit, he just started bawling up there. He could barely get the words out. He just kept thanking us for teaching him everything over and over again. It was so tender. So sweet. When he sat down he just laid his head on his mothers lap and kept crying as she was comforting him. That little 11 year old felt the spirit so strongly. It was amazing. He already has a goal to baptize Naomi, the littlest girl in their family someday AND to go on a mission. We love Juandavid!
To end this email i just wanted to share something very short but crazy that happened on Monday! God protects his missionaries!!!! S o we get chased by dogs a LOT. My feet have been bitten by them as we ride and they have made missionaries get into some bad accidents. Well, we were just biking to a lesson on Monday last week and a dog just started tearing after us. He looked pretty evil and angry. Well, there was a car behind us and I guess he didn't see the dog because he started to pass us at a pretty fast speed.. the next thing we hear is a pretty soft boom...and then a dog SCREAMING running away from the car with his back left leg up. God was watching after us! We have seen the dog since and he is fine. That was honestly such a crazy experience! Haha!
Well...that is it from me this week! Sorry for the long email, so much happened! I hope you are all doing well! I love and miss you all!

Sister Woodbury


Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 48 - Aruba

Wow. Crazy week! I hit 11 months!!! Cant even believe itttttt. I am so scared. Next transfer i hit a year and then 13 months! I met my first companion when she had 14 months! AHHH! Not yet time to freak out yet though, thank goodness :)

In other news... HAPPY B-DAY BIG BROTHER CHRIS! Love youuu!!!!!!! 

So. this week. Ooooohhh this week. We lost ALL OF OUR INVESTIGATORS! Eduardo dropped us, we had to give Daniel, Javier, and Nerwins to the Elders, etc, etc. ugh. And everyone we ARE teaching are really really struggling. Please keep them in your prayers. Craziness. I don't even know what to specifically say about them all.
Lets just go right into the highlights...
Soooo we have been teaching this newer member who was baptized just over a year ago. His name is Jair. He is 15 but looks at least 17. He is AWESOMEEEE. We were teaching his about the temple, and he just said something that touched my heart. He said if there was a temple right around the corner, that he would be there CONSTANTLY. School, friends, anything else wouldn't matter as much. Jair is awesome. Strongest youth in the church. wants to serve a mission sooo badly.
We have also finally figured out when Juandavid is finally going to be baptized! We are shooting for this Saturday! You never know with his dad, buuuuut we should be good. We will see next week if he will be a member of the church!
My testimony of this gospel is so simple, I just know it is true. We were talking to our recent convert, Melissa, about how our investigators our doing and we told them they were struggling with accepting the gospel and she just completely said "No. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and I know the Book of Mormon is true." That really boosted my testimony. She said it with such confidence and boldness. She shared with us that the gospel has really helped her and her family so much. She has really let these things change her. It was a very simple, but very spiritual experience for me. So grateful for this gospel.
That is all I've got this week! not much but it is something! I love you and miss you all! Have a wonderful week!!
-Sister/Ruman/Hermana Woodbury