Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 63 - Bonaire

First of all......

Happy birthday Mason! I love you sooooo much!
This week was pretty uneventful so i really don't have much to write about... But i am in Bonaire with Sister Burrup and it has been great!! So. Much. Biking!  But i am managing hahaha! It is so good to be with Sister Burrup again! She is SUCH AN AMAZING MISSIONARY! Seriously i am going to learn so much from this girl! :) We don't have too many investigators as of right now but we do have one super cool one named Luis! He is from Ecuador and he has SOOO much potential! We actually had a super cool experience with him this week. He was expressing to us about his concerns of being baptized and it was so cool because I was really able to share the verses in the scriptures that he needed. They just popped into my head immediately. I shared the first one with him he kept looking up at us after reading it and just said that that verse completely solved his concern. Then he was talking about a different concern and I was able to share another verse and he got kind of freaked out (but in a good way) and said "she did it again!" He said that it was exactly what he needed and that that solved his other concern. It was a really great experience for me because i really do try to stay as pure as i can so that I can be a pure vessel so that God can really work through me. I am so grateful that I was able to feel the promptings of the spirit and act upon them! It is so important to act on he promptings we receive in the small moments so that when it really matters we will already know what to listen for and how to receive that guidance! It really reminds me of that conference talk this last general conference! 

That is all I have for this week! So sorry it isn't much but I just hope you are all doing well and reading your scriptures! hahaha! Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Woodbury

                                          A member here in Bonaire named Pilar. 
                                          She is CRAZY but we LOVE her!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 62 - Curacao

I really don't have too much include this week.... Buuuuut we received our transfer calls and i am headed back to Bonaire this week to be companions with my MTC companion, Sister Burrup! I am very excited!! My body is definitely not though, as we have to bike soooo much more there. Here we go!!! :)

Sooo this week Rayon and Jaydon got confirmed and that same day Moronai got his baby blessing! It was a very sweet last Sunday here in Curacao! We also had two investigators come to church named Patricio and Ramirez and they were adorable. They are two older gentlemen and they just loved being there. We contacted Patricio and he just kept asking us in a very distraught manner why his church baptized him in black!  It was kinda sad! He is the sweetest man ever and i would trust him with anyone. Seriously. So much so that when we went to teach him he was soooo upset that we couldn't come in without a member brother.  A very sweet and sensitive little man. we love them! He called US to know who would be taking him and his brother to church!  We scrambled and got him there and they loved it! They are so awesome! 

I am now in transfer #11 which is SOOO weird because sisters only have a total of 13! TIME IS FLYING! Everyone should serve a mission!  Seriously!

My spiritual experience this week was actually with this lady that we kind of gave up trying to teach a while ago. Every time we had an appointment with her it fell through and she just didn't seem interested. Some good came out of that though because we started teaching her daughter and grand daughter and they are very special! Well, we stopped by that house and the lady, Deña, let us in and actually sat down with us to have a lesson with her! She ended up thanking us for caring so much about her and her family and for bringing them the word of God. She told us that every time we leave their house they say a prayer for us and our safety and she basically just thanked us for about 5 minutes straight. It was a great experience because we just felt impressed to stop by, we didn't actually have an appointment. The granddaughter was there as well and she told us about how she brought the Restoration tract to school and had her teacher read it to the class. She told us that she loves the message. She said she was playing at school and then just stopped and went inside to go read the pamphlet. That family is really progressing. The Lord truly helps us in this work and He will soften the hearts of those who are ready! 

Have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all!

-Sister Woodbury


Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 61 - Curacao

THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY! Full of surprises! Wow! But first to start off i just want to start off my saying.....
Wow! Lots of announcements!

Wellllll so this week started off normal. We had exchanges on tuesday and wednesday and that went well! The next day was supposed to be our zone conference but our mission president couldn't get here on time due to flights so we had to move it to friday! The Bonaire sisters were stuck here until friday night!  On Thursday. a member of the 70, Elder Gonzalez was supposed to come to our zone conference (which we didn't end up doing that day), so instead of that he just had a little meeting with just us on Thursday morning for two hours...WITHOUT our mission President! He wanted to see what we were doing as a mission to minister. We told him, and he was AMAZED. It was a wonderful experience and the poor man didn't even know what to tell us to improve on! He was truly blown away by what we were doing here in the mission! President Egbert is so inspired! He did leave a commitment to double our baptisms... but that is already our goal.. +1.
This mission is so amazing and I am just so grateful we are all just so obedient and open to revelation! That meeting went perfectly well. It was great. And president Egbert told us the next day that he wasn't worried at all because he completely trusted us. It was an overall wonderful experience.

I love my mission soooo much! Zone conference was great and we all learned a lot! That was our second to last zone conference with President and Sister Egbert! We are so sad to see them go but we are also very excited to welcome the Bairds with open arms! They are coming very soon! Hoping to be in Curacao for that (the mission headquarters has jusr moved to Curacao from Trinidad)! 

Kim's boys got baptized on Saturday and it was wonderful! It went very smoothly and Kim was able to be there with her non member sister. 
We taught Etson again this week, who is progressing like crazy!!!!  Seriously this man is unbelievable. We finally taught him with his girlfriend who has never studied with us before. She would say things that didn't really line up with our beliefs and Etson would try to help her understand, and it was just so funny. For example, his girlfriend was talking about how there are so many churches and he very energetically explained that it was because of the apostasy!!!  So amazing. We love Etson hahahahahaha! He was telling us to be patient with her because she doesn't have the knowledge of the gospel yet and all of this stuff. It was a great lesson and we have high hopes for them! 

Crazy week, but that is all i can remember! I hope you are all doing well! I love and miss you all!!!!! big hugs!

-Sister Woodbury


Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 60 - Curacao

This week was good! Busy! My very first companion sister Petersen, who returned home many months ago, came back to visit and she took us out to lunch! It was so fun to see her! I love her! That was sooo weird and crazy hahahaha!
Our area is doing really well! Rayon and Jaydon had their baptismal interview and they both did great! We are very excited for their baptism this saturday. We have one other on baptismal date named Etson that we are working with and the coolest thing happened! He talked to his girlfriend about getting married and of course she said yes, (they have been together for over 40 years), but now she wants to take lessons too! So great! We are very excited and just working away here in Curacao!
This week we had a lot of great experiences. I think one of my favorites was when we were talking to Elder Durfee after Rayon's baptismal interview. It was very special because Rayon isn't too talkative, but Elder Durfee told us that when he asked Rayon why is wanted to be baptized Rayon said "So i can help my family come to church". He had never given that answer before and it is just so sweet to see how much he has grown and how much he loves his family. This gospel changes people! Even little 8 and 10 year olds! 
This week we also taught Niran the first part of the Restoration. It was SUCH a good lesson. He has sooooo much potential. He is a very serious and professional man hahaha. We love Niran!

Welllll I think that is all i have for this week. Sorry this one is a little short.. BUT! I hope you all have a great week and I hope you are all doing well! Sending lots of love your way!

-Sister Woodbury
 writing a note for a fallen through lesson for a less active who doesn't have a phone! this is the way     we have to reschedule!



Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 59 - Curacao

We had a WONDERFUL week here in Curacao but unfortunately I cant really think of a way to write about it! But trust me. it was great haha! Before I start off i just want to wish a happy happy birthday to Kim!! I love you!!!
Okay so our area is doing great! We have 3 people on baptismal date and we were able to teach lots of lessons this week! I can't believe how many amazing investigators that we have right now! The Lord is guiding us sooo much. With our contact area we are seeing a lot of success and finding a lot of people who are searching! When we first started testing that area we just kept getting rejected left and right but we felt good about it so we stuck with it, and boy are we glad we did! I love Curacao and the people here so much and the work is going well!

President Egbert asked us to write him about 5 inspired answers that we have written down throughout our missions and i thought i would just include them here as well:
1.) Kim said "I am learning that even in your troubles you can choose to be happy! I got a different feeling at church and when i read the scriptures. I let you come because i WANT to study the scriptures and I know it is important." 
2.) We gave Boise a big Book of Mormon that he could actually read and told him "this is a gift for you!" and he told us "no. this is a blessing. I will cherish it forever."
3.) Nuris said "I have read the Bible, but the Bible doesnt give me the feeling this book (the BoM) gives me."
4.) Etson fervently stated that "you CANNOT have the Church of Jesus Christ without the priesthood!!"
5.) Eduardo asked us "why, Why, WHY did God, the creator of everything, not send His disciples or anyone to the other continents?" That one struck me. Without the Book Of Mormon the story is incomplete. We would all be so lost and confused. We wouldn't have been able to answer that question. I just became so grateful for the book and its truthfulness grew even more in my heart. That book can answer the questions to our souls, our worries, our troubles, and our curiosities

I hope you all have a great week! Everyone over here is doing awesome and progressing lots! Love and miss you all so much! Have a great week!

-sister Woodbury

Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 58 - Curacao

Hello Everyone! 
We had a great week with lots of fun experiences!
Melitza came to church which was great! They talked sooooo much about the BoM and she didnt have any idea what that was because we don't teach about it or read out of it until we teach the whole Restoration. It took her a LOT of lessons to get through the Resto but the next lesson we have for her is about the BoM! She is VERY excited to receive one now! So cute! We love melitza. She made lots of new friends at church which was super awesome! 

We also taught someone named Jurick about the first part of the Restoration and i have never ever seen anyone understand it and accept it so fast. He is seriously amazing and has a very cute family consisting of his wife and 2 year old daughter. Unfortunately for us he is going out of town soon for two weeks and we already can barely see him once a week, sometimes once every two weeks! Hoping he remembers his experiences!

We taught Etson again but this time it was about the Book of Mormon and he was so excited about it! He cant really see, so he is really hoping his family will read to him. His little grandson came and sat on his lap during the lesson and he told him to say "E buki Di Mormon" and it was the cutest thing ever. He also told him he would read it with him! I was dying. Etson is awesome and believed that the Book Of Mormon was true right away. We cant wait to hear how his experience goes when he prays about it!

We taught Neco as well this week and he is just a little person of gold as well! So elect! He told us he wants us to teach his friend and he said he has been talking to a lot of people about us! We have barely taught this man anything but he just loves the feeling he gets during the lessons! He has  a LOT going on and he is sure his mom won't live much longer, but he just keeps saying how he needs to make more time for God. He met with us on Saturday and told us everything that went on that day and told us he is just sooo tired and has sooo much going on, and then after the lesson he said he felt so amazing. It was so cool. He is so cool! Jurick said he felt the same way as well! The spirit is doing its job people!!! 

 I think one of the most spiritual experiences was when we went to go and teach Jordan with Brother Aritza. It was a great lesson because Bro. Aritza really went in depth about the priesthood and Jordan has a very sound understanding of it. We have been working with Jordan for a long time and he has just been having the hardest time understanding the Restoration. The last lesson we had with him he seemed like he was finally getting it. We asked him about what he remembers about the Restoration when we got there and he was able to perfectly explain everything! It was amazing. Truly the spirit taught him all of those things. It was very nice to see all of our hard work show through! Now that he understands he can finally start to progress even more. I am so grateful for the restoration. Without it we would all be lost. Life wouldn't make any sense. I know the message of the Restoration is true!!

Lots of experiences for you all! I hope you all have a great week and read the scriptures! I will be starting another scripture challenge soon.. in just over a month. start preparing yourselves! :) 

Love and miss you all!

-sister Woodbury

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 57 - Curacao


Curacao is doing well, but this week almost ALL of our lessons fell through! We had several member-presents appointments scheduled with new members and lots of lessons with new people, but everything fell through! It was kind of rough but we still tried our best. We have picked a new contact area and so far no one wants to talk to us, but Sister Garcia and I feel like that is where the Lord wants us to be so that is where we will be working. I am very excited and I am much more optimistic about this next week.

-KIM HAD HER BABY!!!! His name is Moronai. They changed they name just because in Spanish/Papiamento you say it differently but she wanted it to always sound the way it does in
  English. I love her hahahaha! 
-Selo is seriously starting to progress! He is accepting doctrinal points that he didn't want to accept in the past and he is just growing sooo much!
-Jordan has been having the hardest time with understanding recently, but IT IS FINALLY STARTING TO CLICK!!!!! He is finally starting to get it. So exciting!
-We saw that guy we contacted several weeks ago named Antony! He was the contact with all of the dogs! He will be meeting with the elders soon and he keeps saying he is very sincere about this! I have high hopes! 
-we taught Etson again!!!!!!!  HE IS SO COOL!!!!  We asked him if he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he just said yes and that  "Jesus sent a prophet for me!" SO CUTE!!! HE IS DOING AWESOME!!!! 

That is all I have this week, I hope you are all doing well! I miss and love you all so much! Study the scriptures and be a missionary! 

-Sister Woodbury