Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aruba update May 22, 2017

Bon Diaaa, Con Bi?

This week was super fun, like always! I have learned that those who don't know any English CANNOT pronounce my name for their lives. Cannot!  It is usually something along the lines of Wooury or Goodbreak or something. soooo funny. I have been trying to come up with a nickname or something that they could use instead haha! Maybe Hermana Wood? Or Berry? Some people have said that I should try Wolverine or Blueberry ahaha!!

This mission is soooo crazy. Constantly changing. Constantly!  At the moment we are in a trio with this sweet Sister named Sister Montenegro! Her companion was visa waiting  (waiting for a visa to get to another country for her regular assignment) and she got her visa so she is with us now!  She also wasn't supposed to get her extension that allowed her to stay in the country but she got it and we are so happy! We are going to be in a trio for the next two weeks until President Egbert can get her a new companion haha! Sister Petersen will be leaving me tomorrow for a couple of days (sad) to go to Trinidad for Missionary Leader Conference or whatever it is called so it will just be me and Sister Montenegro! We have two areas for the rest of this transfer so this is going to be FUN haha! Ahh! 

Also congratulations to whoever was able to complete my BOM challenge! I am so proud of you and So is the Lord! Haha! I hope that was a great experience for you! I would now like to extend another challenge! Read the BOM again! This time try it in 3 months. I know you can do it! I extend that challenge to everyone who reads this!!!! READ THE BOM! 3 MONTHS! I can promise you that as you do it you will become closer to the Lord and you will be able to feel his sincere love for you! I want every single person who reads this- member or not- to read the Book of Mormon in three months! You can do it and I promise it will bless your life sooo much! That's enough time to not only read it but also really study it! I promise that you will feel something different as you do so! 

So this week we had a really cool experience with this new young investigator named Daryl (sp?). He is awesome. He has been sooo prepared for the gospel! We had a really good lesson with him and his mom and asked them to read a chapter in the BOM. Later in the week we called him to ask if he was coming to church this week and to check to see if he read and prayed about the BOM and he said he did! He said he was expecting someone to tell him "yes" when he prayed to ask if it was true, but instead he said he felt this warm feeling and he said he felt at peace. He new that that was his answer! That was such an incredible experience and I am just so happy for him! 

I love this church and I am so grateful to be serving the Lord! I just ask that you pray for him and his mom because the dad hates religion and whenever they try to get involved in a church or something there is a lot of contention in their home! Soften that dad's heart through prayer! I know is will work!! :) I love and miss you all! Have a great week! 

-Hermana Woodbury

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