Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Officially Two Months OUT!


Life is sooooo great as a missionary. Just sayin... Okay so here is a better address to send mail to!!! This is the last time for a while I swear haha!

Karin Scott
Hermana Woodbury
Kaya Terpsichore 11-28
Willemstad, Curacao
(Sister Scott comes to Aruba frequently, so she'll deliver :-D)

So that member who got deported got confirmed this last Sunday!!! HOORAY!!!!!!  I am going to go day by day so that my emails are slightly less jumpy...

We bought a TON of food at pricemart which is pretty much exactly like Costco... I think its owned by them! Favorite place ever. We also locked our keys in our apartment that day which was super fun! We locked our selves out of the apartment but we were also locked in the property because we didn't have the key to the gate that lets us out. We were stuck there for a while until our landlord/President Gonzalez could let us out.. So embarassinggg! Hahaha!
It was a pretty average day! We flew to Curacao that night for zone conference and the Elders almost made us miss our flight but we made it!
We had zone conference in Curacao which was so fun and I got to see Hermana Burrup! I missed that girl SO much! Love her. we flew home that night!
Woke up to stolen bikes and a cut up bike lock. They didn't take our spare bike for some reason.. So rude haha! So because there's no senior couple on Aruba right now, we are kind of the senior couple for Aruba so we had to do a lot of senior couple stuff this week, mostly because of the bike fiasco. We also had a lesson with Christian that day and when we sat down he told us he needed to be baptized!! I was so excited and I was smiling like a doofus haha!
We did more senior couple stuff all day and that's about it honestly!
We had another lesson with Christian and he told us he was having some contradicting feelings which was a bummer :/   He isn't giving up on us though! He came to sweet little Maria's baptism! (See picture

)  Her baptism was sooo sweet and amazing! We love her so much.
Maria got confirmed and she was just crying because she was so touched by the spirit. Soooo sweet. Christian didn't come because he didn't have a ride but he tried walking! He has only been in Aruba for two months and had no idea where the church was (he lives pretty far) so he got super lost. He was lost for EIGHT hours. Bless his heart! We felt so bad, so we are walking with him next week. We love him! I'm sure he scored some major Brownie Points in heaven right there haha!
Pretty much all of our lessons fell through, we biked a ton and we had to do a lot of senior couple stuff- yet we were both in the best mood ever. I love missionary work no matter what happens!

So sorry I haven't been able to reply to everyone recently! Email time is sooo crazy! I read all of your emails every week though and I appreciate them SOOOOO MUCH!!! I absolutely love every single email I receive and I cherish them with all my heart! I am so sorry I cant reply but just know that I read every single email! I am so grateful to all of you who have taken time out of your day to write me! Thank you so much!
I hit my two month mark yesterday which is so nuts! It is already flying by and I am loving every minute! The branch here in Aruba is soooo incredible! You would not believeeeee!!!! I love every single person here so much. We couldn't email yesterday because it was a holiday- sorry! I love you all and miss you all so much! Have a great week!

P.S. 3 weeks left for the BOM challenge!

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