Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week 3 (3/23/17) - Santo Domingo


Friendly reminder that I absolutely love it here with all my heart, might, mind and strength!!!!!! Shout-out to my cousin Aaron for rocking it in the field (Thailand)! I look up to him and hope to be half as good as he is!! Soooo to answer some of your questions really quickly: each companionship rooms together and sometimes they have more than one companionship in a room. They are kind of like apartment-y but smaller! It was just the three of us in one room but we just got another companion and she is strictly Spanish speaking so that's pretty cool! She is companions with my companion Hermana Martineau whenever we are outside of class :)

Please send me lots and lots of pictures whether it be via email or an actual letter! I didnt bring nearly enough! Just make sure you send anything and everything to my Mission address in Trinidad because odds are I won't receive them here. We just got some mail here that was for an elder who was here in December!

I accidentally spaced last week, it was elder Gonz├íles, not Elder Gomez who came! We went contacting last week and that was an AWESOME experience! We went to the university that is super close by and we talked to some pretty awesome people. My love for all of these people is insane and they aren't even technically my people yet! The day we went we gave 4 copies of the BOM (Book of Mormon) and 3 restoration pamphlets when we only had like 20ish minutes left....  We were too scared to approach people for the first 40 minutes haha! I still love my district so much! One elder just went home from our district which was super sad but we are all glad he is home and that he got there safely!Everybody else left this last Tuesday besides our district of 7! There were only the 7 of us in the entire MTC for over 24 hours! That was SO weird!

All the new missionaries came in yesterday and it was sooooo freaking fun you would not believe!!!!! They are all so cute and I am so excited to get to know them and to learn from them! EXCITING NEWS!!! I AM THE SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!! I am over all of the Hermanas and it is soooo fun oh my heck! I have been secretly praying to be the STL so when I became that I was so happy.  There have been countless experiences lately that have made me absolutely certain that God loves us and knows each and every one of us!!!

We are getting a new night teacher- Hermano Gomez. I am pretty excited but I will definitely miss Hermano Puello! Spanish is going pretty well! I keep catching myself unintentionally thinking in spanish hahaha! There have also been these random blackouts where the power to the whole mtc shut down for a minute or so and then turn back on. We have gotten so used to it that it doesn't phase us at all haha. The first time it happened it made a super loud sound that sounded like a gun shot, so our teacher (Hermano Jimenez who is from the DR) froze, and then said "somebody died, it happens all the time" in the most casual voice ever. It was SO funny and HE is SOOOO funny. We all love him haha! Ask me more questions when you send me emails! I love answering anything, whether it be about the gospel or just about what its like! Also some of you are holding back on writing long emails because you don't want to take up all of my emailing time but I rarely read them during the hour, I always print them out and read them later, so send emails that are as long as you would like! Seriously! I loveeee reading them throughout the week!

No pictures this week because I kept borrowing this one missionary's sd card converter and he just left so I don't have one to use anymore, sorry! That's about it this week! I love and miss you all! ALSO- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET LIL NEPHEW SPENCER! MISS YOU. Please give him a big hug from his favorite auntie!

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