Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 2 (3/16/17) - Santo Domingo

Big:  I am slightly more prepared for this emailing time so hopefully this email is a little better than last weeks! It kind of jumps all over the place so I am sorry about that haha!

I met the girl who was in the exact same boat as me with all of the mission changes and everything! She is one of my companions and she is awesome! Everyone thinks we will be spending pretty much all of our time on our missions in the ABC islands (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire)! I thought there was no chance of my going there but now that's most likely the only place I will be!

All of the emails I received from my family were all in tune with what we are learning here! I was blown away by how everyone was prompted by the spirit to talk about exactly what we have been talking about here! You are all so incredible!

We all play volleyball here everyday which is SO fun! I probably annoy everyone because I goof off so much but I am hoping they don't mind! I have been labeled as the "Happy One" here at the MTC. Everybody pokes fun at me because I am literally always smiling and laughing. It's so fun haha! Every week all of the missionaries have to prepare a talk about a certain topic and then on Sunday they call on whoever they are prompted the call on to speak. Terrifying. I haven't been called on yet which means it will happen very very soon. AHHH!!!

I wasn't able to get my back fixed before I left and I was super concerned about it because I was having a lotttt of issues, BUT I HAVEN'T HAD ANY ISSUES WITH IT!!! Such a major blessing!!!!! The first day this one teacher could not believe that we were supposed to learn Spanish since we were going to Trinidad. He literally couldn't believe it. He made us join the English district of two for one day until President Gulbrandsen told him no.. Agghh.

HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO BROOKS AND FELICIA AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!!! We are going contacting at the university tomorrow and I am SO scared. I don't know nearly enough Spanish yet so it is going to be rough!!! We got to go to the store and I totally loaded up on chocolate!! It was so fun and I have no regrets. We get to leave the MTC a lot! We go do service at the park, we go contacting, and we go to the store!

Apparently the only people who will be at the entire MTC when this next group leaves on Tuesday is my district of 8! They said they were going to take us somewhere cool to go contacting so I am pretty excited and I have no idea what to expect! We got to watch the new Easter video that the church will release at the end of this month and it was incredible. You are all going to love it!  We went to a stake center with a ton of other missionaries serving here and got to go watch a devotional by Elder Anderson! That was soooo cool! The best part was I got to shake his hand!  He spoke a lot of Spanish which was really awesome for the people out in the field but we couldn't really understand anything because our translator was terrible, but it was still fun to be there! I saw Morgan Smith there! That was so random! She and her companion sat right behind me and I didn't even know she was out on a mission! We have been practicing how to teach investigators a lot without teachers and one of our lessons this week made Hermano Puello - our awesome night teacher who I freaking love - cry!!! That was a really sweet moment.

I print out everyone's emails every week and read them later in the day because I don't have enough time to read them during my hour of email time and then I will try to respond the following week! So all of my responses will always be a week or so late! Sorry about that! My pictures attached are: Me and my district, the view from the temple of the ocean, quotes Elder Mapa (the class clown of my district) made up, and what an average meal looks like here. Two kinds of meat, two kinds of rice, and beans. The fruit and salad is just courtesy of the Hermanas haha!

Oh also I forgot to mention that i am super freaking happy and I love it here!! Also I totally forgot the other thing I needed to say and it was kind of important. Oh well. Esta bien(i say that a million and ten times a day) Love you! I am getting off now!

 That's all I can think of this week!! I love you and miss you all soooo much! I love you Dad, Mom, Brittney, Allen, William, Chris, Jack, Clayton, Spencer, Chris, Aly, Evy, Aby, Millie, Baby, Chase, Kim, Mason, Linley, Carson, Brooks, Felicia, Jesse, and That's it right??? I am super scatter brained and stressed so I am so sorry if this email makes no sense!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

-Hermana Woodbury

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