Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 5 (3/6/17) - Santo Domingo

Hola amigos y familia!!

So I am super sorry but this isn't going to be a very long email! Also I am super sorry if I don't reply to an email you sent last week, I am not sure if I will have time this round but I will try next week!!

So I experienced my first earthquake!! It was a 4.7 and it was actually pretty scary even though it wasn't really that powerful... We were all in our beds when it happened and we were all pretty freaked out!

I went on splits (with the local missionaries) this last week and I am going again tomorrow!! It was pretty fun! It was super cool to get to go out into the field for a day! We took the metro and a bus which were both super cool! I didn't really talk much that whole day but I was asked to say the prayer once so that was kind of scary but fun at the same time haha!

General Conference was soooo awesome!!!! Please watch it even if you aren't a member of the LDS church! ( )   Totally amazing. That's all I really have time to say about it but I really didn't have a favorite talk because they were alllll sooooo gooooood!!!!!!

I have heard that several people have sent me things but I have not received anything yet and I am not sure if I will... I am hoping that if they do end up receiving anything that they will forward it over to Trinidad!!  We had another INCREDIBLE lesson with "Carlos"!!! It was seriously so amazing. Somehow it was even better than the one I told you about last week! Hermano Jimenez said he has been wanting to tell my companionship something for a while and he said he is finally going to tell us tomorrow so I am absolutely thrilled to find out what it is! I don't feel very ready to leave the MTC but our Hermano Jimenez says we are ready soooo hopefully he is right! I am not sure why but every time we have a lesson with him I can talk pretty much fluent Spanish, but when I am not in a lesson with him i have a pretty hard time. It is sooo odd! In lessons I totally have it but outside of lessons I totally don't.

Also found out that in Curacoa they speak Papamiento. Not Spanish. AHHHHH!!! I know nothing about Papamiento other than that it is a dialect of Spanish. I am terrified. Please send help. Welp thats all I have this week!

I love and miss you alllll!!!!

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