Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 25 - Curaçao

Wowwww HI!
So first of all, Curacao is GORGEOUS. sooooo green, especially compared to Aruba!   Unfortunately dont have too much to share about people we are teaching and all that fun stuff because i am so new to Curaçao and dont know anyone yet. we also have 3 areas right now but i will only have one next transfer and all of the people we are seeing right now dont live in my area..  Next transfer the islands will be completely full with missionaries! Curacao and Aruba are each going to have 8 missionaries!!!  ALSO president just opened up Bonaire to sisters and sister Burrup is heading over there next week with sister Montenegro and a greenie!  Sister Hardy will be headed to Aruba and will be companions with sister Garcia, and i will be staying here in Curacao and will be training a i am trying my best to learn the area!
This week was really good! It has been so fun to be with Sister Hardy and Sister Burrup! They are so awesome! I was also just informed that I am one 8th Hardy so Im basically serving with my distant cousin right now! It is so fun. These sisters are amazing! They are strong...we have THREE areas. Half the island...and we are on bikes most of the time. it has been funnnn!!! Luckily i enjoy biking (most of the time) so it has been fun. But we have been biking  A LOT. We have also had a lunch appointment ever single say this week so I just miss my hour lunch but it has been nice. We have each gained like 339294 pounds this week from all of the appointments. It has been nuts. 
Curacao is actually quite different from Aruba! The people are a lot more dutch so the missionary work here isnt quite growing... But the members here are awesome. Sister Taylor's recent convert, Romeo, is AMAZING. I taught one lesson with him when i was here for a day my very first day on my way to aruba. He truly is incredible. He lovessss to go teaching with us but he doesnt have a car so he literally WALKS to all of them! He is so converted and amazing. He also walks to church which is like a 7-13 minute bike ride, so I don't know how long it takes him. He is in my area too >:) haha! Same with this other recent convert named Peter who walks to church as well, but he lives even farther!!! Crazy.
I am feeling very optimistic about this next transfer and I am ready to get hardcore rejected a LOT. Curacao is honestly a really hard place for missionary work but I know my companion and I will be able to find the people that God is preparing :) I am just so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and I truly love missionary work so much. If you are ever contemplating on whether or not you should go on a mission, JUST GO!! I promise the Lord will make up for whatever you have to leave behind. Even if you cant serve a mission, you are still a missionary! That is a huge part of your baptismal covenant! Missionary work is truly so important. Literally this is these people's salvation. Their eternal life with there families. The opportunity for them to live with their Heavenly Father again. When you really think about it with an eternal perspective it really changes things, doesnt it? Let the people around you feel the joy that you are able to feel through this gospel. Please share the gospel with someone you see this week. Do it for their Father in Heaven! It is our responsibility to  share this message! I LOVE missionary work! I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE the priesthood and I absolutely Love Jesus Christ, our Big Brother. I hope you all have a great week and I love you all soooo much! 
Sister Woodbury

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  1. LOVE seeing all these fun and amazing updates on your mission! You are killing it out there, Allie (ahem, Sis. Woodbury!!) Thanks for sharing all the emails and blog posts. Love you!! <3