Thursday, August 17, 2017

Week 23 - Aruba

Life is so good. Sooooo much happened this week you would not BELIEVE!!!! First of all though......... The Book of Mormon challenge is officially over!!! I really hope you participated in this one because wow this is important. Sooo important. This is the most important thing you could do, it is literally what our prophet just asked us to do!!!!! If you aren't done yet, that is okay! Just keep going! :) 

I have  ALOT of people to talk about right now so I will do my best!!! Here we goooo:
Darío: Wow this human is amazing. He actually kind of dropped us for a few days and wouldn't let us come by or answer our phone calls or anything! We left notes at his house here and there but it didn't do anything. THENNN we felt inspired to make him a cake and then drop it off right after, and HE WAS HOME! we talked to him and he is still on for his baptism and he is just doing amazing. He has changed SO much and he is just so converted. We LOVE him. Also funny thing about him is that he loves the way I pray for some reason so he always makes me say it. He made me say it both times! 
He is getting baptized on the 2nd.
Then we have an investigator named Ernan who is a semi crazy old man... We don't teach him very much but he comes to church sometimes and this last time we were all standing up singing the Battalion Republic song and he would fist pump every time the chorus started. We started laughing so hard that we cried hahaha!
Then we have our sweet little Monchi :)  She is doing really really well but this week her parents split up and she moved out with her mom so she has been pretty bummed. I feel so bad. She is so tough though. Pray for her please!
Gloria: She is that contact that we made a while ago and she is amazing!!! We cant see her very often buuuut we taught her half of the restoration and WOW she understood it all and just ate it up! She really is amazing and she knows that God sent us to her and that these things are true :)
Cloudie: She is a Hatian woman who only knows Papiamento. She is awesome!! Came to church yesterday! Me and sister Garcia had to teach her by ourselves though. We were able to do it even though we could only speak Papiamento!! So thankful for the help of the Lord.
We also contacted a man this week who is actually the brother of an INCREDIBLE member here who got deported my first week!!!! Incredible.  He also knew another amazing member here who many of you have seen pictures of who got deported this week. That was a really cool prompting of the spirit! We weren't going to talk to him, but then we went and we were glad that we did!
But like I mentioned, another amazing member of the branch got deported. My heart shattered when I was informed. Please pray for the Parra family. I love them so much. Such great people. 

We have alsoooo been teaching this guy named Jose Luis Garcia who is just FLYING through the BoM! He is really incredible! We are going to teach him tonight and I am beyond excited. I knew he was a special person when we first met him. He came here with 8 friends and all of them have gotten deported accept for 2. I hate deportation.
Thennnn we have our lovely Arubian friends Roshen & Nielson!! These people are so amazing. Nielson actually reminds me  A TON  of my big brother Chris!! It is always a little weird when we teach him because I always think about that haha! They are doing really well though! They said that they have noticed a really big change in their home since they started taking lessons. We read Galatians 5:22 with them and explained what Long Suffering means and they said that that was the biggest thing they have felt recently. They believe the Book of Mormon is true but they aren't 100% sure yet!
Thennnn we taught this Arubian man named Deric!  Wow is he amazing! He said he has really been searching for the truth and he just has a lot of potential. He is amazing and he is part of a family of four :)
Thats all i have this week!!! So sorry for the craziness!! I truly love you all so much and I miss you a ton!!! Have a great week!!!
-Sister Woodbury


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