Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 27 -Curacao

Hiiiii friends and fammmm!!! CON TA BAIII????

WOW has my Papiamentu (the language of the ABC islands) gotten a work out the past 3 weeks. I am actually forgetting Spanish a little bit because I have literally only been talking in papi. Weird haha! The branch here is just sooo helpful with learning these languages though! I had the opportunity to share my testimony in front of the branch in papi on Sunday and so afterward I bolted to this member named Aldrich (or something like that to help/correct me and he said he didn't have any corrections for me! that was weird and fun! He said he was listening for mistakes but could find any! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! Slowly but surely getting the hang of this thing. Hallelujah. God is real and is very helpful when we ask Him! Just a fun fact for you!

But I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG BROTHER CHASE. I love you more than words can describe!!! Hope you have a good day! 

But so anyway, tbh, this week wasn't super eventful.. I have a new companion!  A little greenie (brand new missionary)! Her name is Sister Cole! She is from pretty much all over the world because her dad is in the airforce. They have lived in so many cool places. Pretty cool stuff! I dropped off my little nugget sister Burrup at the airport as well! I will be seeing her for zone conference in two days hahaha! This mission. So funny.

But mainly what we did this week was contact. a ton. it has been a lot hotter than usual so it has been really funnnnn!!! Truly it has, that was sincere. Haha we havent really found too many people who are necessarily interested buuuut I have really gotten to practice my papi so that has been good! We have actually met a lot of incredible people, but the issue is that those people NEVER live in our area. Always in the elders area. so lame. but that's okay :) we got to find them!

Also, we taught this really amazing amazing girl named Kim from Jamaica! I am not sure if i wrote about her before but honestly that lesson we had with her this week was really cool! We taught the restoration and everything really clicked for her and she asked so many good questions! It was awesome!

So sorry i don't really have more for you today but just know that life is good and missionary work is the best :)

Pasa bon dia!!! (have a good day!)
Ami ta stimábosoooo!!! (I love youuuu!!!)

Sister Woodbury
PS...Finally finished this book! :)

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