Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 21 - Aruba

Hello everyone!!!!! 
Welp, Sister Petersen is home (in Utah) and I have been with Sister Taylor and Sister Garcia this past week! It has been fun! Honestly not too much happened this week so this is going to be a short email, but the biggest thing that happened was........SEBASTIAN RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD!!!! He is so awesome. Sebastian and Marlien were at church yesterday and i just felt sooooo happy. Marlien leaned over to me during one of the classes and just whispered, "thank you for coming to me house". My heart melted. I love her so much people!!!

Also I just realized that this will probably be my last transfer (6 weeks) in Aruba because we can only legally stay on each island for 6 months every year, and I am coming up to 6 months! I will definitely miss this place SO much but i am also excited for the adventures that are ahead!

We have been contacting (knocking doors or meeting people on the street) a lottttt recently and we have actually been contacting a lot of really cool and prepared people!! We contacted this young man named Immanuel. It was a really cool contact because he just let the spirit into his heart and we taught totally by the spirit! We basically taught the entire restoration and he just connected all the dots! It was sooooo cooooool!!!!!!! Just getting to witness the spirit was such an amazing experience. We were totally guided to him as well, because we were supposed to have a lesson with someone else at that time but it got pushed back, so we had a small amount of time to contact. Then, we were guided to him! It really strengthened my testimony that the Lord will guide us to those who He is preparing and that those who are prepared will be able to be taught by the spirit and understand! It was really quite amazing.   
Other than that, not much else happened this week! It has been really fun though and both of my companions are really sweet!!! We are working hard and diligently! :)

Also.... Happy Birthday Felicia!!! I love youuuuu!!!!! And 2 more weeks left of the BoM challenge!!!! Even if you havent started it yet, I know you can finish it because I have read it in two weeks before!!! And i can promise that if life has been tough, this book will help you more than anything else. Read it!!!!!I love and miss you all sooooo much and I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Woodbury

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